About Alphy

Alphy is a set of AI tools designed to help users interact with online and offline audiovisual content as easily and effectively as possible.

We use AI to transcribe, summarize, question, and let users create new written content on top of videos and recordings.

Upon submitting a link or uploading a recording, Alphy creates the transcription, summary, key takeaways, and a mini AI assistant for the content.

Then you can combine these content to create your AI-assisted search engines as effortlessly as building a playlist (we call them Arcs) that will answer your questions based on the corpus of content you have curated.

You can use Alphy on YouTube videos, Twitter / X Spaces, Twitter / X videos, Twitch recordings, Apple Podcasts, and your local audio files (.mp3, .m4a, .mpga, .mpeg, .wav, or .webm).

Yes. When you upload files to Alphy, we handle them the same way as we do with your online submissions. The key difference is that your uploads are kept private, ensuring they remain accessible only to you.

We respect your privacy and do not retain your audio files. After real-time processing, they are deleted. If you ever want to remove the processed results, simply reach us at support@alphy.app.

An Arc represents Alphy's AI-enhanced search engine for audiovisual content.

Using Arcs, you can categorize and search through vast amounts of audio content, organized by specific subjects, creators, or topics. It's like music playlists, but for learning from countless hours of material.

Subscription & Billing

See here to learn detailed info about Alphy's plans.

If you want to cancel your subscription, you can do so at any time. You will be able to spend your credits until the end of your billing period.