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How To Transcribe Twitter Spaces? QUICK GUIDE

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Twitter Spaces Engagement
Use Alphy to turn audio to text, summarize, question, and create new content on audio. Supports importing, YouTube, Twitter, Apple Podcasts, and Twitch
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Twitter (X) is essentially a text-driven platform. Though spaces are expanding the discourse to audio, the need and the desire for text is still there.

If you are hosting Twitter Spaces, you know that audio is not universally accessible to all potential listeners. Text offers easier navigation through content and easier integration to workflow compared to audio.

Twitter Spaces have built-in transcription but the feature is not designed with content repurposing or accessibility beyond live listening in mind. They are not searchable and they cannot be downloaded, meaning that they don’t allow the versatility of full-access text.

Therefore, if you want to access your transcript, you’ll need to look for another way.

How to Transcribe Twitter Spaces Content

Downloading and Transcribing Your Own Twitter Space

If you’re the host, request an archive of your data from Twitter to download your Space recording. However, this can be time-consuming. Alternatively, use external platforms like for a quicker way to obtain your Space recording.

Once you have the audio file, you can transcribe it through various transcription platforms:

  • Offers AI-powered transcription services.
  • **** Provides professional transcription services.
  • Temi: An automated service for quick and affordable transcriptions. For a free option, consider using open-source models like Whisper, although this requires more effort and technical knowledge.

Transcribing Spaces Hosted by Others

If the space isn’t yours, you’ll need to rely on external services like to obtain the audio. After downloading, follow the same steps above to transcribe the content using your chosen platform.

Alternative Transcription Methods Without Exporting


Alphy offers a streamlined approach to content repurposing without the need for audio exports or navigating multiple services.

The only thing you need to do is to submit the link to the space. And after that, Alphy will generate:

  • Accurate transcriptions (supports over 40 languages)
  • Automated summaries and chapterization for easy content digestion.
  • Key takeaways for short-form content creation.
  • An AI assistant for interactive engagement with the session.

Alphy also introduces creative tools for producing engaging content across various formats, from audiograms and Twitter threads to podcasts, SEO-driven blog posts, and newsletters, making it a comprehensive solution for maximizing the impact of your Twitter Spaces.


Zealous is positioned as an all-in marketing tool for spaces, and it offers link-to-text transcription services.

This platform is ideal for content creators seeking to analyze or repurpose their spaces privately.

However, the lack of public sharing capabilities might be a limitation for those looking to engage their community directly with the transcribed content.


Screenapp provides an alternative approach by allowing users to record their Twitter Spaces in real-time and subsequently upload the recording for summarization.

This method requires proactive effort to start recording at the beginning of a Space session but offers immediate access to content summarization and transcription, albeit with the initial step of recording or downloading the audio.

While direct transcription services from Twitter Spaces offer basic accessibility features, platforms like Alphy, Zealous, and Screenapp present diverse options for content creators to transcribe, repurpose, and enhance the accessibility of their Twitter Spaces content.


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